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background color : white black colors
Ktip in 128 pixels
size : 128px x 128px
weight : 13.13 Ko
Ktip in 96 pixels
96px x 96px
Ktip in 64 pixels
64px x 64px
Ktip in 48 pixels
48px x 48px
Ktip in 32 pixels
32px x 32px
Ktip in 16 pixels
16px x 16px

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Ktip icon 64x64
Ktip icon 96x96
Ktip icon 96x96
Ktip icon 96x96
Ktip icon 96x96
Ktip icon 96x96

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Authors mime text x icon 96x96
Screensaver icon 96x96
Kaffeine icon 96x96
Session properties icon 96x96
Preferences settings icon 96x96
Application vnd.stardivision.calc icon 96x96
Document icon 96x96
Green gnome start here icon 96x96
Deskbar applet icon 96x96
Google picasa icon 96x96
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