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background color : white black colors
Ktip in 128 pixels
size : 128px x 128px
weight : 13.13 Ko
Ktip in 96 pixels
96px x 96px
Ktip in 64 pixels
64px x 64px
Ktip in 48 pixels
48px x 48px
Ktip in 32 pixels
32px x 32px
Ktip in 16 pixels
16px x 16px

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Ktip icon 64x64
Ktip icon 96x96
Ktip icon 96x96
Ktip icon 96x96
Ktip icon 96x96
Ktip icon 96x96

The icons of the pack Human o2 :

Config time icon 48x48
Property software icon 96x96
Message icon 96x96
New bookmark icon 96x96
Gzip mime application x icon 96x96
Gnutella icon 48x48
Application python x icon 96x96
Audio mute volume icon 96x96
Tired face icon 96x96
Config system rootpassword icon 48x48
Generic video x icon 96x96
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All icons in this pack Human o2

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